Manufacturers of high quality production lines and equipment for the food industry, processing: Biscuits, Crackers, Bread, Rolls, Cakes, Pies, Cereal, Pet Foods and Potato Snacks.


Semi-hard sweet type biscuits (low fat – ‘hard’ dough’s) that are generally known as ‘Sheeted’ product types, and require specific Sheet Forming & Baking Systems to produce them. Typical products of this type are: Marie, Petite Beurre, Rich Tea & Morning Coffee

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A variety of types (High Fat – ‘soft’ dough’s), ie: Rotary Moulded, Wire Cut, Rout Press Extruded, Co-Extruded, and Deposited, that also require specific Forming & Bakery Plant & Machinery to produce them. Typical products of this type are; Chocolate Chip Cookies, Fig Bar, Viennese Whirls, Shortbread, Custard Cream & Digestive.

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Generally Laminated & Sheeted product types ( Low fat – ‘hard’ dough’s) that require specific Laminating Forming & Baking Systems to produce them. Typical products of this type are: Cream Cracker, Ritz, TUC, Water & Soda Crackers.

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Bread & Buns

Many varieties of traditional Tin Bread, Buns, Artesian Breads and the like. Also Spooner Vicars Bakery have specific types of bakery ovens that are most suited to baking Pies, Pizza’s, Artesian Breads, Cakes, Slab/Pound Cakes etc.

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About Us

For over 150 years Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems has been credited with many technical innovations and firsts. Now part of The Middleby Corporation we are in a strong position to meet the ever changing demands of the biscuit, cookie and cracker market. All over the world consumers are enjoying the great taste of biscuits, cookies and crackers produced on our accurate, efficient and reliable plant equipment. Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems focus is to be the world leader in ’Total Supply & Service” to our customer base and increase market leadership, through faster responses, on-time deliveries, professionalism, quality and technological advancement and to be the best in our industry Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems can offer a complete turnkey solution to its customers, starting from the initial bakery plant design to full installation and commissioning of the equipment