A-PEX 400 Laminating and Sheeting Line

The latest development from Spooner Vicars is the new easy-clean, easy-maintenance, precision laminating and sheeting line A-PEX 400.

The A-PEX 400 offers a smaller footprint and a range of design improvements to simplify and quicken maintenance operations, such as:

  • Lift out conveyor rollers and support panels;
  • Quick-release cut/emboss roller clutch;
  • Improved guarding for greater access
  • Direct gauge roll drives.

The new equipment is the result of continuous improvements based on decades of laminator experience across the globe, with some of the world’s most famous cracker and hard sweet biscuit manufacturers.

The A-Pex 400 can be viewed and tested using your ingredient mix at the Biscuit Innovation Centre in Bangalore India – contact

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