A-PEX Sport Rotary Moulder

The new “A-PEX Sport Rotary Moulder” from Spooner Vicars has been developed to deliver the following features to our customers; compact footprint, high performance, excellent handling, rapid gear changes and the legacy of over 100 years of engineering design – this new moulder can handle a broader range of doughs than any other on the market.


This stylish machine embodies all of our experience in control and flexibility, developed over years of delivering complex product designs, requiring extremely accurate cross band weight distribution.



View this link from Biscuit People magazine, regarding the key factors in maintaining a consistent moulded product weight.



A-PEX Sport Rotary Moulder Brochure


See The A-PEX Sport at IBA 15th – 20th September in Munich at Stands B1-110, B1-111 & B1-120